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Swimming Pool Manufacturer & Suppliers

Swimming Pool Manufacturers in Delhi


Swimming Pools is a distinct product range offered by this prestigious name, Watchem Ions Engineers. It offers an outstanding range of Water Treatment Solutions uniquely designed for its contemporary clients.Swimming pool manufacturers & & Suppliers in Delhi. The decisive range of Swimming Pools in India is made from a superior quality of raw material followed by advance technological strategy offering a selective product range in the market. These are impeccably designed by a host of professionals in order to meet the present industry requirements with outmost efficiency via its selective product range and service.

Designed using best grade material, and sophisticated technology, we offer an extensive assortment of Swimming Pool Equipment. Owing to the multiplicity of usage, we have designed specialization in providing modified solutions to our customers based on precise application demands of the clients. Further, these equipments give consistent performance and require less maintenance.

Pre fabricated Swimming pools are specially designed using fiberglass and suit most of the locations. The assortment of pools gives a wow factor along with its gracious wide curved top coping that not only looks great but also provides additional safety to all pool users. Further, these pools become main attraction in gardens and indoors. With or without overflow channels and diverse stairs, this pool makes a great impression and provides much space for real swimming pool.

Since these swimming pools Manufacturer in Delhi are large and mostly placed on the outdoors, they get polluted quickly by the dirt, impurities and other tiny particles. Therefore it is important for swimming pools to undergo treatment. Swimming pool filtration provides clean and safe water which is free from harmful particles, viruses, bacteria and algae. Swimming pools need to be crystal clear and clean, hence filtration is important. Filtration systems are made according to the design and size of the swimming pool.

There are four ways to treat swimming pool water:

  • Chlorine
  • Bromine
  • Salt
  • Ozone


Steps involved in the process of Swimming pool filtration

Swimming pool filtration steps should be taken properly as it is important to keep the water clean and safe for people. The following are the steps involved in the swimming pool water treatment process:

  • The water is first transported to a purification or filtration plant from the swimming pools.
  • The water flows through a filter which removes pollutants such as leaves and plasters.
  • Then the water is passed through a secondary basket which catches and traps thinner particles.
  • In the filter cartridge the water is further sanitized.


Importance of Swimming Pool water treatment

Since swimming pools are so common these days, it is important to keep them clean and free from pollutants. They may cause harmful effects and various water borne diseases. Swimming pool pollutants are introduced from environmental sources and swimmers. It is understood that a swimming pool should be kept clean and safe. The water should be of good quality and free from pollutants. Swimming pool filtration at regular intervals will ensure that the water is free from contaminants, dirt and other tiny particles which can be harmful. Proper sanitation is needed to maintain the water quality.


Advantages of Swimming Pool water treatment

Swimming pool Manufacturer for water treatment brings a lot of advantages like:

  • Keeps water clean and safe
  • Water is made free from bacteria and viruses
  • Cost effective procedure
  • The water is made fit for swimming
  • Water smells good after filtration
  • Eliminates wastage of water


Prefabricated Pool Equipment

                              Product Details

Minimum Order Quantity

1 Unit
Usage/Application Hotels/Resorts
Pool Type Outdoor
Height Upto 50 Feet
Color Blue
Material FRP
Water Capacity 7 gallons
Capacity Water volume


Swimming Pool Filtration Systems

            Product Details


Brand watchem
Diameter 400 mm and above
Warranty 1 year
I Deal In New Only
Capacity 200 lit/hr
Weight 20 kg


Swimming Pool Water Filter

                          Product Details

Minimum Order Quantity

1 Unit
Usage/Application Swimming Pool
Material SS
Brand watchem
Shape Cylinderical
Maximum Water Temp. 50 Degree C
Condition New