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Sewage Treatment Plant

Water Sewage Treatment Plants


                                                  Product Details:

Feed Flow Rate

50 m3/day, 1000 m3/day, 100 m3/day, 500 m3/day, 2000 m3/day
Impurities to be removed Color, Turbidity, Oil and Grease
Air Blower Power 0.4 kW
Automation Grade Automatic
Industry Automobile
Water Pump Power 5 kW


Underground Sewage Treatment Plant

                                     Product Details:

Feed Flow Rate

100 m3/day
Automation Grade Automatic
Impurities to be removed Oil and Grease, TDS, Dissolved Minerals, pH
Industry Chemical/Petroleum Industry
Air Blower Power 1 kW
Capacity 1000 m3/day


SBR Sewage Treatment Plant

                                          Product Details:


Sugar Industry
Capacity 21 m3/hr
Feed Flow Rate 21 m3/day
Applicable Industry Hospital, Chemical/Petroleum, Automobile, Pharmaceutical, Slaughter House
Installation Type Completes Civil work with Installation
Air Blower Count 1, 2+1, 2
Air Blower Power 0.5 kW
Automation Grade Automatic

Compact sewage water treatment plant

Product Details:

Minimum Order Quantity

1 Unit
Industry Pharmaceutical Industry
Air Blower Power 10 kw
Capacity 500 m3/day
Feed Flow Rate 500 m3/day, 2000 m3/day, 50 m3/day, 1000 m3/day, 100 m3/day
Impurities to be removed Turbidity, Color, Dissolved Minerals, Oil and Grease
Treatment Stages Primary Treatment, Preliminary Treatment, Disinfection, Secondary Treatment, Tertiary Treatment
Automation Grade Both


Sewage Treatment Plant - Wastewater, a big threat

Overuse of water has caused a decreased in the water level. Industries use water and then discharge contaminated water. This also causes water pollution which is one of the biggest issues faced by the world today. Watchemions is the manufacturer & supplier of  Sewage Treatment Plant to reduce the wastewater purities. Wastewater coming from domestic and industrial sources are causing harm to marine animals and the environment. They release contaminated water which comprises of toxic and non-toxic waste, harmful chemicals, dirt, and impurities. This causes a threat to the environment and may lead to scarcity of water as well.We are the  Compact sewage treatment plant & Underground sewage treatment plant Manufacturer in Delhi

Water is the most important and basic necessity in our day to day lives. Therefore it is important for us to conserve water and adapt to modern technologies to recycle and reuse water. It is impossible to survive without water. Water is important not only for humans, but also for plants and animals, plants rely on water for food.


What is a Sewage Treatment Plant?

Sewage treatment plants are installed in close contact to the industries for recycling the waste water discharged by them. It is the process of eliminating impurities and other harmful contaminants from waste water and produce water that is clean, safe and fit for reuse. A sewage treatment plant involves physical and biological processes to eliminate the pollutants from the water and make it free from the dirt, impurities and harmful chemicals.

Sewage treatment plant design is simple, it takes in the dirty and contaminated water. This water goes through several filtration steps and produces clean and safe water which can be reused. Instead of discharging the dirty water into rivers and seas, industries can now recycle and reuse the same water again. Sewage treatment plants are very important today, they are one of the best waste water treatment methods.


Some of the ill effects of water pollution to the environment

Wastewater has many ill effects. Chemically treated water when discharged can cause threats and harm to marine animals. Animals consume seawater, thus if it contains chemicals and harmful contaminants, it may spoil their health and may lead to various water-borne diseases that are communicable.  We are the Compact Sewage Treatment Plant, Underground Sewage Treatment Plant Manufacturers & Supplier in Delhi

Water plays a very vital role in our lives and is not only for humans but also for plants and animals because even they need water to grow. Therefore it is important for us to conserve water and adapt to modern technologies to recycle and reuse water.


Objective of a Sewage Treatment Plant

The objective of a Sewage treatment plant is to release safe water in the environment in order to protect it from harmful chemicals. This treatment provides reusable water that is recycled and makes it fit for consumption. In this way water is recycled and conserved. Cleaning of wastewater is essential. Sewage Treatment manufacturers/suppliers design and build sewage treatment plants to overcome all these issues.


Steps and Processes involved in a Sewage treatment plant

Sewage treatment plant has a few simple steps in the process of water filtration and cleaning. Sewage treatment plant process has eight steps involved:

  • Screening and pumping
  • Grit Removing
  • Primary Setting
  • Aeration
  • Secondary settling
  • Filtration
  • Disinfection
  • Oxygen Uptake

Need and Importance of a sewage treatment plant

Population is increasing day by day which has out pressure on natural resources like fresh water from the rivers and seas. A sewage treatment plant plays a very important role looking at the amount of waste water and over usage of water today. If not taken proper measures to conserve water, we may face the problem of water scarcity. It is important to treat the waste water, recycle and reuse it. Water is the most important and basic necessity in our day to day lives. Therefore it is important for us to conserve water and adapt to modern technologies to recycle and reuse water.

Sewage treatment plant is important for the following reasons:

  • Decrease in the level of water
  • Soil pollution
  • Adverse effect on groundwater
  • Increase in the number of chronic health diseases
  • Harmful effects on marine life


Advantages of a Sewage Treatment Plant

A Sewage Treatment Plant has a lot of advantages like:

  • Eliminates impurities, dirt and contaminants from the waste water
  • The cost is significantly low
  • Little maintenance
  • Solids are broken down faster
  • Produces water that is fit for use
  • Eliminates disease causing bacteria
  • Protects the environment
  • Saves water
  • Makes water available at all times for industrial use


What are the favorable points of using a Sewage treatment Plant?

  • The Sewage water treatment plant is very easy to set up.

  • They are installed in close contact to the industries.
  • A sewage treatment plant is totally free from all the maintenance measures.


Waste water Treatment Technology

It is important that we adapt to waste water treatment methods in order to save and conserve water. There are various waste water treatment technologies.

Sewage Treatment Plants

1. Bio Digestive technology:

Utilize air, acrobie bacteria, bacteria qeuerators, aerator devices and engineered containment vessels to create a system that consumes and converts biomass into water and recyclable compounds.

2. MBR Technology

This technology is well known for its quality. It is considered to be one of the best methods, but it is also expensive at the same time.

3. Electro-coagation technology

EC Technology is very recent in India and has not gained popularity yet, but now as solar light power application is increasing day by day in our country this technology will grow rapidly. One of the biggest drawbacks of this technology is, the consumption of electrode and their frequent maintenance.

4. Compact and mobile STP

This is technology is suitable for small industries, schools, restaurants and other public places.

Where one can use sewage treatment plants?

Sewage Treatment plants can be used in places like:

  • Hotels
  • Hostels
  • Gardens
  • Villas
  • Apartments
  • Resorts
  • Small scale and large scale industries